Bkoolers, the latest update to the  Bkool simulator is here with a surprise that many of you had been asking about for a long time. As of now, you’ll be able to look for routes within the simulator, without having to go to the website!

This means that from now on, the old process for working out will be much faster and simpler. You don’t need to go to the website, look for the most suitable route and program it before opening the simulator. Starting now, you can do all this in just seconds from inside the simulator so you can start riding as quickly as possible.

Plus it’s super easy to use. Take note!

How to search for a route in the new Bkool simulator session search engine

There are two ways to do a search. First, you can click directly on SEARCH in the top menu that’s available as soon as you open the simulator.


Then, select the ROUTES option to choose the session that best suits your needs. You can choose between routes that are being done at that moment (Live) and all the routes available in Bkool so you can do the ride you feel like doing.

In this case, you will start your own session by selecting it from all the others by doing a simple search.  To do so, you will use an intuitive menu where you can specify how far you want to ride, the difficulty level of the route, the views available and even filter routes by the person who created them. This last option will easily let you find the routes that you created. And if you prefer, you can write the name of the route to find it more easily

After specifying all the filters you want, press FILTER to see all of the options available based on the characteristics you defined.

Then simply select the route you like best from those available to see its main characteristics. When you click on the route, a new window will open showing the session profile and many other interesting stats.

Is that the route you were looking for? If so, all that’s left is to get on your bike and get ready to ride. As you can see, you’ll be on your way to riding the perfect route in under a minute. Press start/join, it’s that easy!


How to search for a velodrome session

If instead of a route, you’d rather go all out in the velodrome, you can also set up a session easily thanks to the new search engine. In this case, after going into the search engine, choose the VELODROME option.

As with the routes, you can select from a Live session or start your own. If you opt to CREATE A SESSION, various options will become available. On the one hand, there are the two velodromes with an available video view: the Luis Puis Velodrome and the Galapagar Velodrome.

Or, you can also take part in any of our Velodrome Events or try your hand in one of our classic trials, the Hour Challenge and the Kilometer Record.

If you choose one of the two velodromes available at the start (Luis Puig and Galapagar Velodrome), you’ll see that the simulator lets you specify the number of laps you want to ride in your workout. Keep in mind that each lap is 250 m long.


How to choose a workout with help from the new search engine

You can also use the search engine to find the new Bkool Workouts . To do so, you will have to select the Workouts option when riding. As you can see, to the far right is the option to do an FTP test.

As always, you can either join a Workout that someone is doing at that moment or start your own with the ALL option.

If you want to do a particular workout, you can find it by clicking on Filter. You can then refine your search based on time, difficulty, Workout type and the person who created it. And if you know the name of the Workout you want to do, you can type it in to find it.

Have you specified your search criteria? Then click FILTER to see all the options available. To conclude, select the one you want and get ready for a new workout.

It’s now easier and faster than ever, and all without leaving the simulator!