Bkool Summer Cup

The biggest virtual cycling competition in the world

The Bkool Summer Cup, the biggest virtual cycling competition in the world, starts today, Monday, July 4, and runs through Thursday, September 15.

This time, the setting for this great tour won’t be the streets of large cities, or famous mountain climbs. This time the competition is taking place in your own home, with hundreds of cyclists from up to 39 different countries fighting for the leader’s jersey.


There are special challenges every week, stages with routes from the summer’s most important cycling events (Tour, Vuelta, Rio Olympics and Valencia Triathlon), specialised press coverage, rivals from all over the world and, best of all, a bunch of great gifts being offered by the Cup’s sponsors!

Experience all the thrills of the Grand Tours while having fun riding at whatever time of day you want, even in the summer. Don’t miss out on the biggest virtual cycling competition of all time!

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Bkool Summer Cup | Entry instructions

To take part in the League you have to join the Bkool Summer Cup 2016 group.
It works just like every other Bkool league: you’ll see the sessions you have to ride in the simulator, in the Leagues section.
#Bkool Summer Cup


Bkool Summer Cup | The stages

Each week we’ll put up a new session, which will show up in the Leagues section of the simulator.
The course is the same as the final kilometers of some of the stages in the 2016 Tour de France, 2016 Vuelta a España, the Rio Olympics and the Valencia Triathlon.


You can ride the stages until September 15. You can also repeat a stage if you want to improve your time and climb the GC. Go into the League  and duplicate the stage.

Best of all are THE GIFTS!

Since this is an international bike race with a huge level of participation and with actual stages from the most famous cycling races in the world, the sponsors didn’t want to miss out either. They’ll be helping us make the competition even more fun for all the riders involved.

We’re talking leading brands from every area of cycling who will give away a bunch of products throughout the competition. Orbea, Cofidis Ciclismo, Planifica tus Pedaladas, TowCar, Triatlon de Valencia , Catlike, Mammoth, NorthWeek and Ciclosfera are the companies that will be doing their part to give this championship the prestige and buzz it deserves.

And since we know that Bkool is home to riders of all ages and levels, most of the gifts will be given away through drawings and contests among riders in the League and in the various challenges that we’ll be organizing every week, each one involving one of the stages in the Bkool Summer Cup. And it might sound like a cliché, but the most important thing really is to ride, have fun and stay in shape.

So, for example, during Orbea week, we’ll have an Orbea Challenge featuring drawings among all the participants, or we’ll hold a contest on social networks that will also include fantastic prizes.


Throughout the competition we’ll be giving away various items to riders, including: official Cofidis team jerseys, Orbea R10 helmets with a rain cover included, TowCar bicycle racks, official Cofidis team workout packs, official Bkool jerseys and heart rate monitors, an official Valencia Triathlon champion’s jersey, a personalised workout plan from Planifica tus Pedaladas, and a sports nutrition pack from Planifica tus Pedaladas and much more!

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The world’s biggest and most important virtual cycling competition is underway, this time with a bunch of giveaways from top brands. Don’t miss out!