From Monday 11th until Sunday 17th of July, we’re celebrating the Orbea week in the Bkool Summer Cup


The second week of the Bkool Summer Cup has arrived and comes with many surprises and gifts to be won thanks to Orbea. Together with the famous Spanish cycling brand, we have prepared different activities so that everyone has the chance to take part and win something special!

Orbea Challenge – Tour de France 2016

With the Tour de France in full swing, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to have a TDF2016 challenge in the Bkool Simulator! The event will be taking place inside the simulator on Tuesday 12th July at 20:00h. We have chosen the final section of the tenth stage as the challenge, the same day and stage as the real event.

Just for participating, we’re giving away two prizes. You win either an Orbea R10 bicycle helmet with a raincover OR an offical cycle jersey from the Orbea Cofidis cycling team.


To participate in the challenge is simple. At the time of the event, enter the simulator and select the “Highlighted” session under the LIVE section. You will have 10 minutes to warm-up before the race begins. From 20:10h the Orbea Challenge will be underway and participants from all over the world will be going head-to-head on a section of the Tour de France.

Be aware, this session WILL count towards the Bkool Summer Cup league.

The following day, we will publish the results of the challenge on our Facebook page.  Of course, we will also publish the names of the lucky winners and contact with them directly via email.


This year we launched the largest virtual cycling competition. Without the support from all the sponsors, all this wouldn’t have been possible. We want to make the most of the Orbea Week to ask all our Bkoolers for some help.

It’s very simple: Log into Facebook and press “LIKE” on both the Orbea and Bkool_English page. Next, add a comment on this blog post at the bottom of the page with what you’d like to see in the Bkool Simulator. What do you think could be improved, what would make the whole experience even better? We want to hear what YOU think.

All ideas will be taken into account for upcoming releases, and best of all the person who comes up with the most original idea will win an official Orbea Cofidis cycling team jersey!


Orbea activity challenge | Searching for the strongest Bkooler!

Orbea has suggested this week a new kind of challenge, and we’ve accepted! We’re on the lookout to find the strongest and most active Bkooler inside the simulator!

The way it works is simple. The Bkooler who racks up the most distance on the simulator during the week, no matter what sessions you choose, will be taking home an Orbea R10 helmet with Rain cover!

You have until Sunday at 23:59h. Start charging your batteries Bkoolers, you could be on the way of earning the title “the strongest Bkooler” and of course, take home the amazing prize of the Orbea R10 helmet with a rain cover.

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