Snow, Christmas trees, snowmen and gifts…

Bkoolers! It’s Christmas! So, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s day or night, the snowy landscape takes the leading role in each of the sessions! Choose the route you want to ride from the thousands available and begin to enjoy a different training experience with friends and other riders from around the world using the most advanced trainer and simulator.

Bkool Christmas

We have made the smallest details very important as the Christmas spirit is well under way!


Don’t be afraid of eating to much this year as you can always burn it off riding through the snow in the Bkool Virtual Simulator. We assure you that the look and feel will not change the way that you ride, it’s just a visual change. The roadsides can be decorated with coloured balls, Christmas trees and there are a number of new outfits to choose from such as wearing a scarf or dressing up as Santa!

Bkool Christmas

Ride through the snow in the Bkool Simulator

Never before has a cycle training been so Christmassy! Try Bkool for 30 days FREE. Join the trend and start training today!