Bkoolers, the new version of the Bkool Simulator has arrived and we’ve opened the door to a world of new possibilities and for the first time, you will be able to do fitness indoor cycling classes as if you were training in a gym.

We have worked hard in order to make your experience as much realistic as possible: real video in various languages, the best fitness instructors from the industry, music created and selected for each fitness class, personalised training…

From now, your favourite cycling simulator will allow you to do the best fitness indoor cycling sessions from home, with a smart and personalised virtual experience. Let us explain in more detail:

BKOOL FITNESS HOME: Fitness classes has arrived in the Bkool Simulator

Before we start, we must complete an FTP test in order to set up the Training Zones. This will personalise the sessions with targets according to our cycling level. If you’d like to carry out the FTP test, you need to enter in your profile at SETTINGS section. Here you can choose your favorite sport before doing the test (fitness, cycling or triathlon).

Once we have chosen the sport we have to click on Training Zones  →

Profile fitness

In Preferred Sport you can choose three sports: Cycling, Triathlon or Fitness

When you enter “Training Zones”, you need to take into account that if you select FITNESS, the FTP we recommend is the new 5 minutes test, not the 20 minute one.

Fitness zones

FITNESS users have 5 training zones

Once we have the test done, the simulator will work out your Training Zones and the classes will be adapted to your fitness level. Now is time to do our first FITNESS session!

Fitness FTP

Now you have two options to do a FTP test, 5 or 20 minutes


Screen 5 minutes FTP

Complete a Fitness Class in the Bkool Simulator

If you have chosen fitness as your favourite sport, the first sessions appearing on the simulator will be fitness as you can see in the picture below:

Fitness sessions

Besides the routes, velodrome games and workouts we have added the new Classes menu, where can see fitness sessions that other Bkoolers are doing now. Also, we have that section included in the “Session Finder” in order to make it easier to find the session you like.

Fitness searcher

Searcher with new FITNESS classes

Class Search

We can filter between different languages, levels, names of the session and the final option to choose your favourite instructor.

Refine search

Have you already found your custom class? Let’s start!

Here we have a shorter warm up of just 5 minutes.

Warm up fitness

Just 5 minutes warm up

Once the class has started, the class is very similar to an indoor cycling class in a gym. We need to listen to the advice given from the instructor and stay tuned to the messages appearing on the screen. The more we get close to the targets we are aiming to achieve, the more effective the training will be and we will earn more Bkool points. Remember that you can spend those points in one of the new things coming with the update, the dressing room.

But first, we are going to check the indicators that we will find during our training.

Fitness metrics

As it happens with the rest of the sessions, you can change data view using the arrows up and down on your keyboard or just sliding your finger if you use a tablet.

As we are talking about a fitness class, the main data is the percentage of the target achievement in the training zone we are working at, but if we change our data view, it’s also possible to look at the watts power in that concrete moment.

Fitness Metrics

The white balls in the dials show speed and cadence target. In this case the numbers painted red and the arrow show us that we have to increase our cadence.


With the data view extended, it’s even possible  to look our position compared with the goal we set, and the simulator will let us know it showing our data painted red and the arrows showing us if we need to increase or decrease our effort (look at the picture above).

Is the same way as the workouts, the simulator shows we do we have to go to the next zone so we can get ready to achieve the next target (look at the image below).

Fitness Zones

At the end of the class, we will have a summary of the session to analyse our performance, and we can save it also like the rest of the sessions.