As you know, we have many different riders inside the Bkool simulator all over the world. We have professional riders, amateur riders and people that have a trainer because they can’t leave the house due to the bad weather.

We would like to introduce you to a Bkooler who’s caught our attention, Bill Marsh-Sachs. Bill has an amazing story that we would like to share with you, a story of his love for two wheels, for cycling and just general life. Born in New Hampshire, he learned to ride a bike almost before he could walk and since then has never stopped. When he was younger, it was very common to see him riding his bicycle to school, to college and towards Maine during the summer to search for a job.

Bill Marsh-Sachs on a tractor

Over the years he’s been through many changes in his life, but cycling has always been present.  Pretty soon he realised that he enjoyed taking part in local bicycle races – not just the racing, he also enjoyed having a couple of beers after the race with some friends! During this time he was working for 7 years as a rubbish collector, waking up at the crack of dawn working till noon he started saving every payday to make his dreams a reality.

In 1979, his years of hard work and dedication paid off and left his job as a rubbish collector to buy 20 acres of land in Maine. Accompanied by Rachel, his beloved wife and he course of his beloved bikes, they decided to move to the country. His two children were born at home and they soon caught the passion for cycling. They would often go out together for a spin and come home knackered.

Bill Marsh-Sachs Delivering plants to a customer


As the years went by, Bill’s love for bicycles has never stopped – only during the summer when he has to work on the fields. He said that the Bkool trainer was a real gift because when the days started getting shorter in the winter, colder and darker he could come in from working outside and join a live session with other riders from around the world. Whilst he is riding, his wife Rachael will be making a wonderful dinner from the produce grown on their farm!

For us it was interesting to see Bill leading Challenges and competing with ex-professional cyclists every week. A farmer with a photo on his tractor as his avatar image and exceeded 300 watts average is something that doesn’t go missed! His incredible results made us very curious and we decided to try to pull strings and get in contact with him. It was through Bkool distributor in the United States that put us in touch.

Bill Marsh-Sachs The Senior Games in Kennebunkport

The first thing that he confessed about his amazing achievements in the Bkool Simulator. It’s the smell of Rachael, his wife preparing dinner every day that makes him push as hard as possible all the way to the finish line! That being said, Bill covers nearly 700 miles (1100km) a month on his bike, that’s professional training figures being done by a Farmer from the United States with a passion for cycling after a long day’s work the fields. As he often says, Bkool is his passport to travel the world.

Undoubtedly, Bill is one of those people who were born a cyclist. He’s not aware of it, but thousands of kilometres away in the Bkool office in Madrid dozens of us every Tuesday and Thursday are watching him ride in every challenge.

Bill Marsh-Sachs riding inside the Bkool Simulator


For sure, we will continue to see Bill competing in all the challenges until he starts farming again – until then Bkoolers, see you all in the simulator! Don’t forget that you can use the Bkool Simulator for FREE. For more information, please head over to our website:

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A picture from Bill's nursery