All cyclists, either professionals or high-strung amateurs, don’t want to stop cycling during the rainy fall or the cold, snowy winter. But these are definitely not the seasons when you can jump on your bike and head out on open roads. The only choice to stay active and cycle is to train indoors.

When it comes to training indoors, you can either choose a bike trainer or cycling on a velodrome. Cycling on a velodrome, also known as track cycling, is even an Olympic sport! Basically, you will never see some cyclists train to compete in the Tour de France. They train to achieve the best possible results indoors in track cycling.

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Track cycling definitely has its pros. Speeding at over 45 miles per hour at some moments is definitely the speed of the light on a bike. It requires focus and determination and any track cyclist has to be very skilful because if you fall off your bike at such a speed, you are definitely facing significant health risk.

Velodrome is an indoor, heavily banked cycling track for racing that is angled at corners, enabling cyclists to achieve and maintain certain speeds. Velodrome is perfect for training sprinting or endurance. Basically, it’s excellent both for stamina and speed and means that won’t miss the open road during winter.

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How long should you train on a velodrome?

Every professional will tell you that velodrome training should be aimed at longevity, even if you want to focus on speed and explosiveness. In order to be fast on a bike, you need to do long races – cycling long distance will make every cyclist faster (because he will be stronger).

Of course, the focus isn’t just on long, monotonous training.  It is also important to switch trainings and never let muscles get used to certain activities. One should have training that includes lots of velodrome cycling for general stamina along with sessions in the gym several times a week.

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Bkool simulator velodrome games

There is another important factor for online training – when we speak of track cycling, that is. Bikes for track cycling are especially aerodynamic and efficient, and this is no wonder because they need to be such in order to achieve such incredible speed. Of course, the cyclist is the one that achieves that ridiculous speed, with his endurance and strength of leg muscles and cardiovascular system.

Cycling on a velodrome will definitely enable every cyclist to make the most of the cold winter season when you can’t cycle outside. It will enable you to further focus on developing your strength and endurance without putting any strain on your joints. Cycling is an excellent cardio exercise and strength exercise as well as a great opportunity to develop skills. Cycling on a velodrome track will definitely sharpen your cycling skills.


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Bkool simulator velodrome